Soul food,

Whats the food for the soul,whats the daily nutrtional requirement for the soul,whats the soul,the soul is a combinant value poin of our mind ,will and emotion,and as the saying goes music is the food for the soul,but i,ll say not a deeprssed soul for a deepresssed soul is deepressed of all three combinants,mind,will and emotion is of no appetite to settle its nutritioa deficiency,so is music therefore the food of the soul or the food of only the soul with an appetite,i,ll live us all to ponder in that,i,ll proceed to the quote of the day which is from an artist i consider quite talented in a way i,ll only be able to fully show out by us listening coincisesively to his words,and that is from the late tupac amaru shakur,step son to gangstar,tutu shakur and son to black panther activist ms afeni shakur.and the quote is from is track changes”and goes like this i see no change wake up in the mornining and i ask myself,dis life worth living or shoud i blast myself”i als have another quote frm the same track which goes this”instead of having war on poverty they got war on drugs so the police can bother me”


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