Music and me

There is a quote from. One of my favourite  artist probably my best as i,ll be havin sublet pages dedicated to certain artist ,first of all let me say that. Choose or select any songs to pass or send any message to anyone or beef anyone ,i choose my music first from the way it makes my ears happy,secondly frm the lyrics,flows depending here on the genre, but my favourite kind here would on rap,hip-hop,house becoz of the beat,so know that any song,or link here wuld be songs that i know the words and alot about,,so like i said earlier regarding the quote i’ll be copypasting most of my quotes, so quote for muic and me for today would be a quote from someone whom i think today has set a new benchmark fot hip hop and that is rick ross and the quote is from his trac mafia music frm the album deeper than rap and the quote is’my music is the mark it is what it is”


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